Future of Online Casinos

Future of Online CasinosIn spite of slacking growth of gambling industry, online casinos are steadily expanding their client base.

For land-based casinos, 2015 was a tough year. Numerous casino operators saw decrease in their earnings, while profits of online casinos stayed the same or even soared.

Macao is experiencing hard times. Once a wildly popular Asian gambling destination, it continues to lose clients. Frightened by anti-corruption crusade launched by the national communist party, the Chinese are forgetting the way to Macao. Note that in China online casinos are not legalized.

American online casinos for money are thriving. Although online casinos are legalized only in three states, they show excellent financial results. On the contrary, land-based casinos in the US are losing their positions. While Las Vegas continues to be the leading gambling destination, brick-and-mortar casinos in other American cities have to pull the plug.

Europe demonstrates a slight but steady growth in online casino earnings and client base. Volatile economic situation did not cut the number of those willing to take a risk. On the contrary, the number of active gamblers has grown. In Germany, more than one third of land-based casino visitors are online casino fans as well. Austria demonstrates a similar trend.

Most successful online casinos are located in Great Britain. Over the last two years, the number of online gamblers increased by five times. No other European country can boast such impressive stats.

Popularity of online casino games in Africa is growing, with a quarter of a million Africans testing their luck at online casinos.

Experts predict that online gambling industry will generate more profits in the upcoming year. While earnings of land-based casinos are expected to stay the same, online betting platforms will become richer. Increasingly popular mobile casinos are one of the factors behind such an optimistic prognosis. Moreover, online casinos are expected to develop further through 3D technologies. VR helmets must attract new players and give new quality to the play process.