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Everything you should know about Online Casino

Gambling has existed in one form or another for many hundreds of years. Some games remained unchanged, while others have changed significantly. The rules were reworked, some even turned into a separate sport. Each game has its own story. Some were invented recently, and others many centuries ago.

It is believed that gambling originated in China in 2300 BC. There are quite a few stories that mention games of chance from ancient Rome and Greece; in the Roman Empire, every child was able to play dice; the first complete deck of cards was printed in 1440 in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg.

The British invented the game, which is the progenitor of the dice and modern poker. This game of poker has evolved: the French have added "bets" and the concept of "bluff" was added by British. Modern cash games are the embodiment of ancient games. People gathered in special places where they gamble, these particular places became known as casinos. The casino was located in crowded places where various events took place: concerts, sports events.

In Italian, the term casino is translated as a small house. And the name of casino was popularized and started to exist in the early 1700s. In America, the first casino was opened in 1822, was located in the saloon of Brown, it was located at the intersection of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. By the way, the state of Utah is one of two states in the United States, in which gambling is currently prohibited.

One of the casinos, opened in 1683 and named as Casino di Venezia, still works, which undoubtedly is the pride of Venice in Italy.

Casino is inherently a bar, but with a bias for gambling. It necessarily includes games such as roulette, blackjack and poker tables, as well as slot machines.

As for the history of online casinos, few online companies have become one of the pioneers of the Internet clubs and proudly named as online casino (one of such was JackpotCity Casino).

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Attention! BGAOC warns: gambling, to which any casino belongs, can cause addiction! Therefore, it is not recommended to play in the casino to persons who do not control themselves and to persons under the age of 18 years. At the same time, each player must understand that in casino games, the advantage is not on the player’s side.