Casinos Online. How to Make Deposit to Online Casino. Part 1

Casinos Online. How to Make Deposit to Online Casino. Part 1There is no lack of payment methods available at online casinos. Along with traditional payment cards and bank wires, players can use plenty of other systems that may prove even more convenient.


Qiwi payment system is accepted by many online casinos. This system only works with different currency and does not have its own currency.

Qiwi is known for its simple and user-friendly registration process. With their personal e-wallet, every user can pay for various services or make purchases at online stores.

The main drawback is a pretty high withdrawal fee that reaches 3%. To transfer money between accounts, you’ll have to pay a 0.5% fee. Sadly enough, overdraft feature is not available either.

Payment cards Visa/MasterCard

But most online casino deposits are made via Visa/MasterCard payment cards. This is one of the top popular payment methods among millions of gamblers all over the globe. This is not surprising, though: almost any casino player has a Visa or Mastercard.

Low fee (or no fee at all) is what sets Visa/MasterCard payment cards apart from other payment methods. When depositing a large sum of money, the player may be asked by the online casino to submit their identification documents. The same goes for withdrawal procedures. When withdrawing big winnings, you may have to provide your online casino with a picture of your credit card.

Unlike e-wallets, withdrawals to Visa/Mastercard may take up to three days. The good thing is that you can make a money transfer in any currency. As Visa/Mastercard sets high upper limits on payments, this is a perfect choice for players who are used to making large deposits.

Bank wire

Bank wire is the slowest payment method which is only used when other payment systems are not available for any reason. Deposits via bank wire may take a couple of days, while withdrawals may take up to a week.