Curious Facts from Blackjack Statistics

Curious Facts from Blackjack StatisticsThis article contains some curious information that can help blackjack lovers to better understand all aspects of the game and the basic strategy.

Ratio of wins and losses

Not taking into account 9% of rounds that end up in a tie, you lose in 52 rounds and win in 48 rounds out of 100. As you can see, the casino has the edge. Then how can the player minimize the house edge or even turn the odds in the player’s favor? The answer is: while you lose only one bet at a time, you can win 1.5 (at blackjack) or even 2 (double) bets at a time.

Frequency of hitting blackjack

The player that follows the basic strategy hits blackjack just once in every twenty-one dealings. It’s very symbolical, don’t you think? 21 points and 21 rounds.

Frequency of player’s surplus

If you’re following the optimal strategy, you will get more than 21 points once in every six rounds. To be more exact, surpluses occur in 16% of rounds.

Frequency of dealer’s surplus

The dealer finds themselves in surplus far more often – two times in every seven rounds, or in 28% of rounds. However, this fact doesn’t give players a reason to rejoice. This index is theoretical and is calculated based on all possible combinations of original dealer’s cards.

Extra facts

Here are some more curious numbers:

In fact, all steps of the basic strategy are based on similar calculations. Therefore, strictly following the basic strategy is the best you can do.