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Cryptocurrencies and online gambling - what’s to expect?

Today, not only cryptanalysis’s and curious persons express their interest towards Bitcoin; there’re reliable proofs of very serious and influential corporations looking into cryptocurrencies. The administrators of ForkLog web site carried out a research to see how blockchain trends affects gaming industry and what hidden advantages of cryptocurrencies there’re still to discover.

The second generation of crypto platforms provide a multitude of new solutions for the gambling industry. Take for example, NXT or Ethereum. Or Voxelnauts - the successor of Minecraft – which applied the same technologies to build up its own economy. With the help of NXT crypto currency players can create their own tangible assets in the digital form in order to use them whichever way and method they want. The same solutions applied in games can also expand for the emerging market of bonus systems or facilitate gain in sales.

According to information from web site, many online casinos offer bonuses from 50% to 200% for deposits in cryptocurrencies. Imagine, if gambling facilities in the Internet would implement their own crypto currency of 2nd generation into the system to use the casino currency for bonuses. For example, 1 ruble could stand for a certain amount of cryptocurrency. If there’s a whole network of gambling web sites, this would be the most effective solution. Even Minecraft PlayMC started using Bitcoin to make young users get acquainted with the cryptocurrency.

Security – the major concern

Online casinos continue to fight fraudsters and hackers and all sort of money laundering. This “battle” takes a sufficient part of their budget. Some services literally start to surveil their users. This is so much the case that players, considered suspicious by the security service, can lose all their money.

But this is not just a folly of some particular casinos – the major concern is about accounts with undetermined deposits. Bitcoin is an effective and budget solution for any company, because you don’t have to hire additional security team to track all the suspicious transactions in each poker hand. All the casinos need is the visually rendered block chain technology to see the connection between bitcoin addresses and different services. The examples of such technologies can already be seen successfully integrated in the industry.

Bitcoin together with other notions of cryptotechnology, have drastically affected the whole i-Gambling industry. Such technologies are successfully applied by many companies, while more and more gambling operators give priority to block chain, which seems very cost-cutting and effective. The number of bitcoin-casinos is steadily growing, whereas the already exciting services try to keep up. Some of them attract new clients with the help of sign up gifts.

Most probably, the adoption of Bitcoin in the form of currency is not the only possible solution; there’s even more advanced and cutting-edge technologies ahead of the online gambling industry.

The number of bitcoin casinos is ever increasing and the earlier platforms and services are also gaining pace. Seems like the further development of i-gambling sphere will not be limited to the integration of Bitcoin in the payment systems.

And don’t forget to check out the latest news about cryptocurrencies to be in the picture of what’s going on! Good Luck!