Online Casinos. How to Credit Your Online Casino Account. Part 2

Online Casinos. How to Credit Your Online Casino Account. Part 2Upon completing registration with online casino, the player is invited to make a deposit to their newly created account. Playing without money on your balance is hardly possible. The player needs to go to their personal cabinet where all financial transactions are made.

SMS payments

A standard selection of payment systems usually includes 10-20 options. Sms payments are a very simple and convenient way to add money to your online casino account. All you need to do is to send an sms with a code to a specified phone number. Money will be automatically written off your mobile phone balance and transferred to your account.

A transfer fee is the only con of this payment method. A big advantage, though, is that you can send money easily, without filling out endless electronic forms. Before using this payment method, make sure you have enough money on your balance.


One of the most widely used payment systems, PayPal is accepted by many online payment systems, banks, and – of course – online casinos.

Payments within the system are free. Furthermore, PayPal has its own currency converter for currency exchange.

You can protect your payments with a code. Along with low fees, PayPal features popular services and options. Another advantage is that PayPal supports top payment systems.


Webmoney is accepted by almost any online casino. This is a top payment system with reasonable transfer fees, its own currency converter, user rating, and immediate money transfers to payment cards.

To credit your online casino account via Webmoney, you need to register with the system and create an e-wallet. Then you can make payments to online casinos and withdraw money with no problems whatsoever.

Picking the currency of your account

At almost any online casino, the client can choose the currency of their account. At some casinos, this choice can be made once and for all. Other casinos allow their users to change the currency many times.

We recommend you to choose the currency in which you receive your income. This will allow you to minimize transfer fees and avoid the need to convert money. Remember that a favorable exchange rate is not something you’re likely to find at online casinos.