What Online Casino Games Women Love

While male online casino players are crazy about slot machines and blackjack, women are quite indifferent to this casino games even though they do appreciate them.

Perhaps the reason is that most online casino slot machines and all card games are designed not the way women like. They don't have bright colors, nice melodies and interesting story lines.

What Online Casino Games Women Love

These years online casino software developers pay more attention to what women prefer. Gradually the number of slot machines based on TV series, TV shows and featuring popular among women movie characters increase. Slot machine developers target housewives since there are many of them at online casinos.

If we are talking about traditional casino games, women love roulette very much. Sometimes you can see groups of female players gather at roulette tables at live casino.

Most of all women love bingo at casinos online. It's hard to explain why bingo earned women's greatest love. But if online casino wants to attract not only men but also women, it must have at least several lotto games.

A lot of men also love bingo, so in this case both categories of players have similar preferences. This casino game is popular in Western European countries, especially in Britain where tournaments attracting several thousands of participants take place.

What Online Casino Games Women Love

If we are talking about land based casinos, women and especially young women pay more attention to poker. This smart casino game turned to be exceptionally interesting. Successful female poker players have built real careers. They are as skillful as their male competitors and win multi-million prizes in international tournaments.

Another interesting development in online gambling is so called Ladies casino. That's online casino for ladies which is relatively new concept. For now it's hard to say how popular such online casinos will be, but they are tailored specifically to match women's demands.