Casino. Betting Strategies Myth

Traditionally everything about gambling and casino luck is accompanied with numerous myths and believes with some of them being absolutely untrue. Online casino isn’t an exception. Despite being attributed to technologically advance and straightforward leisure, it still leaves the room for speculations.

Perhaps one of the most popular online casino myths is the existence of winning strategies. A lot of players think that online casino games in general and in particular allow for strategies that guarantee profits.

The reasons of believing in that kind of myth are quite understandable. Everyone wants to enjoy a great time at online casinos and at the same time secure winnings. But in case of online casinos that is impossible.

The Main Principle of Online Casino Games

Every online casino game shares the same principle. According to this principle, all the rules of casino games should be designed the way to ensure house edge in the long run. In other words, casino games don't ever give players a chance to win on average more than lose.

Casino. Betting Strategies Myth

Theoretically there is no such probability. Of course we are talking about a large sample of games that take a considerable amount of time to play. In this case an online casino will have an edge over its players.

How Can Players Benefit From Winning Strategies?

There are no monetary benefits of using winning strategies. You can argue endlessly trying to prove the opposite. But the best you can achieve is to minimize house edge of some casino games, in particular black jack, video poker and a couple of other games.

Slot machines and roulette do not provide the chance of lowering casino edge, no matter what strategy you use. The best and the safest way to check if this statement is true would be to learn in details rules of these games. You need to pay special attention to the chances of winning and payout coefficients.

If you want to test the benefit of strategies in reality, it's recommended to use free practice mode. This way you will save money and at the same time enjoy playing casino games. But what you definitely shouldn't do is to buy betting strategies and systems. It's obviously just a waste of your money.