Blackjack Strategy: Doubling. Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy: DoublingThis strategy is very similar to the Martingale system used for roulette.  If the player has an impressive startup capital, this strategy offers quite high chances to succeed.  Doubling blackjack strategy increases your winning chances even if there is a limitation on size of bets.

The first bet you make must be a minimal one. Like in Martingale strategy, if you lost, you should double your next bet. If you lost for the second time, you shouvld double your bet again. The main idea of Doubling blackjack strategy is to double your bets till you win.

If size of bets is not limited, you will certainly win in one of rounds. Now let’s consider the situation where there is a limitation on size of bets , and you can’t keep on increasing your bet. Here is an example. You play at the table with ranging from $1 to $20. You make a $1 bet and lose. Then you make a $2 bet and lose again. You make a $4 bet – and face another  failure. And so up to a $16 bet. Note that you can’t make another bet, because its size is limited. So you took part in 5 rounds and lost them all. If you had won at least one round, your balance would have increased by $1. In this case you should put up with lack of luck and stop playing, because five successive losses can hardly be random.

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