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Blackjack StrategiesBlackjack is one of those games that have a high player’s edge, which explains why blackjack is in the top three most popular table games and have blackjack strategy. However odd it may seem, most players ignore blackjack strategies and systems, and prefer to rely on their sixth feeling. I envy you, if you have a good intuition and in most cases your decision to get extra cards or leave the table is right. For most players, however, I would recommend using a basic blackjack strategy that is described in the next article. If applied correctly, this strategy can significantly decrease house edge. I make special emphasis on the words "if applied correctly". This means that under any circumstances, you shouldn’t deviate from the basic blackjack strategy.

Besides basic blackjack strategy, as a complement you can use progressions of bets, which will help you decrease house edge as well.  For example, you can make bets using  the popular Martingale system.  Say, you make a $1 bet and lose. Then you make a $2 bet. If you lose again, you bet $4, and so on. If you win, you will get all your lost money back plus $1 extra. After winning you must start from the first bet. Simple as that.

Most popular Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack Basic strategy is proved mathematically and is considered the only effective blackjack strategy. This strategy is based on the fact that a deck of cards contains more Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings than other cards. Four out of thirteen cards are Tens or High cards.

Blackjack HiLo Strategy

Blackjack HiLo Strategy is good for players of start or medium levels. This is a pretty simple system based on card counting in order to get some idea of chances of winning.

Blackjack Pursuit Strategy

Blackjack Pursuit Strategy is considered rather risky. Due to its advantages, it’s very popular among players, though. Firstly, it doesn’t require to increase bets, and the player doesn’t risk large amounts of money. Secondly, this strategy may bring winnings to the player.

Blackjack Careful Pursuit Strategy

Blackjack Careful Pursuit Strategy is a variation of Pursuit strategy. It has, however, some differences that allow to minimize the possibility of losing. The main difference between Pursuit and Careful Pursuit strategies lies in bets. Besides maximum and minimum bets, the player must determine an average bet as well. The first bet is made at the player’s own discretion.

Blackjack Strategy: Doubling

Doubling Blackjack strategy is similar to Martingale system that is very popular among roulette lovers.  However, while Martingale system is strongly criticized, Double strategy is considered pretty successful. The only drawback is that the player needs to have a pretty large starting capital.