Blackjack HiLo Strategy. Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack HiLo StrategyBlackjack HiLo strategy is a pretty simple but at the same time effective system. It is based on assigning point values to all dealt cards:

Ace, 10, and all High cards are assigned value of  -1

7,8 and 9 are assigned value of 0

2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are assigned value of 1.

While cards are being dealt, you must count them, i.e. add or distract 1 point, depending on the card.

As all dealt cards are placed back into the deck after the deck is dealt, don’t zero the amount of points you have counted.

According to Blackjack HiLo strategy, you must increase your bet proportionally to the amount of points you have counted. The higher your current count, the more high cards, tens, and Aces remain in the deck. This favors the player. If your current count at Black Jack is negative, you should pass.

Blackjack HiLo strategy is very effective if only one deck is played. If you are playing a multiple deck game, you must count the number of decks. Then you must divide your running count by the number of decks. The more decks have already been played, the more effective this system is. 

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