Blackjack Careful Pursuit Strategy. Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Careful Pursuit StrategyBlackjack Careful Pursuit strategy is very much alike with Pursuit Strategy but it has a few significant differences that help minimize potential losses greatly.

The main idea of Careful Pursuit strategy is similar to the idea of Pursuit strategy, with the only difference: besides maximum and minimum bet, the player must also determine an average bet.

The player starts with making a bet  -  maximum, minimum, or average one. If you lose, next time you must make a minimum bet.

But it is more complicated with the wins. If you win, the next bet must be a maximum one. After the second win you should make an average bet. After the third win you should make a minimum bet. With every new win, your bet becomes less. This can be explained by decreasing probability of  every another win. After the fourth win you make a  minimum and  so on till the next series of wins.

My advice is: if by applying a Careful Pursuit strategy you win quite often, you should try out Pursuit strategy.

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