Free blackjack games online. Play blackjack online free

Remaining one of the most popular card games, free blackjack offer s a high payout percentage and easy to understand rules. That’s why people like to play blackjack online for free.

As a matter of fact, this is simplicity of rules that made blackjack online so popular. There were times when even slot machines couldn’t surpass blackjack’s popularity.

Sometimes, this game is erroneously called 21. However, the goal of this game is not to collect 21 points but to beat a dealer.

Free blackjack games online uses several packs of cards (1 to 8). Online casinos don’t always give the number of packs, which is not important, though. The fewer packs are used, the higher are the player’s chances to succeed.

Free Blackjack

Categories of free blackjack

Depending on their value, all the cards used in blackjack online free can be divided into three categories:

Suits are of no importance

A situation in the blackjack online free when a player and a dealer both have equal amount of points is called Stay or Push. Depending on rules, the bet without winnings is either returned to the player or is kept by the casino. This is a very important detail that should be paid attention to before the game. Now you can play blackjack online for free in the best online casinos. You also can find free online blackjack games in our website.

Main Free Blackjack Rules

Before cards are dealt, the free blackjack player makes bets. Usually, the player is allowed to make one to three bets. In some variations of the blackjack games online free, you can make up to five bets.

The dealer deals two cards to the player and two cards to themselves. In some free blackjack variations, one of the two dealer’s cards may lie back up. However, usually two cards lie back up. The same is true for the player’s cards.

If the player was collected 21 points at once, he or she wins. Payout coefficient is 3:2, or x1.5.

Online blackjackHowever, this happens not often. Usually, the player can either take another card or two or take nothing. If after taking additional cards, the amount of points exceeds 21, the player loses. Thats why we recomended start play in the free casino blackjack at the online casino or our website. Recall, you can blackjack play online free in this section right now without registration.

After the player took additional cards, the dealer deals cards to himself until he collects 17 points. That is why the goal of the blackjack online is not to collect 21 points but to beat the dealer.

Then the amounts of points collected by the player and the dealer are compared. The person whose amount of points is closer to 21 wins. If the dealer collected more than 21 points, he loses and the player gets the winnings. We recommended play blackjack online free for the first time.