Bankroll and Roulette in Online Casino

Bankroll is one of the basic terms in the world of online gambling. Nowadays, people are frequently talking about bankroll management, i.e. managing the capital used in gambling games. As life has proven, very few players can manage their financial resources reasonably. Those who are acquainted with this topic in general, should expand their pool of knowledge. It comes without saying that different types of players require different bankroll management rules.

Bankroll and Roulette in Online Casino

Let’s start with those adventurous players who love risk and excitement at online roulette. Their optimal bets are 5 to 1 and higher, i.e. bets on 6 numbers 5 to 1, bets on 3 numbers 11 to 1, bets on 2 numbers 17 to 1. You should start with a bet on 6 numbers. Remember that you shouldn’t hurry. Watch the amount of chips and time. If you spent 25% of chips or you didn’t succeed in 25% of total amount of time dedicated to playing, start betting higher. If you are winning, continue betting in that range. The core idea of bankroll management is pretty simple: you lose a part of your bankroll but compensate it through larger winnings.

If you are a more reserved and conservative player that is satisfied with small but frequent wins, you should manage your bankroll in a completely different way. You can choose among three types of bets:

Every time you win, place your money to your bankroll and continue playing. However, you must set a limit when you will stop playing and admit that roulette beat you. As soon as your bankroll reaches that minimum limit, you must stop. Try to understand that today is not your day. You can try again some other time.

In other words, bankroll management can be summed down to the following idea. Every time you make a bet, you should know what amount of money you are ready to lose in this round, what your expectations are and how much money you are ready to lose today. Gambling excitement is fine, but keep your head cool. It’s better to stop in time and return to the real money casino some other day. Remember that tomorrow you may be lucky.