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In baccarat, you have to play not against the casino, but against luck. The main idea of this game is to predict correctly, who will collect more points after the cards have been dealt – you, croupier, or the round will end up in a tie. The main thing here is not victory, but intuition.

Rules Baccarat

In baccarat cards are dealt from a special box (a shoe) that contains 8 shuffled decks randomly split into two parts. After cards from the first part have been dealt, 8 decks are collected together, shuffled, and split into two parts.

Play BaccaratParticipants of baccarat make bets on Player, Banker, or Tie. Note that you can’t bet on both Player and Banker at the same time. However, you can make a bet on Player and Tie, or Banker and Tie at the same time.

Player and Banker get two cards each. Then the game in baccarat depends on the amount of points these cards brought each of them. Every card less than a Ten is estimated by its its nominal value, Ace is 1 point, Tens and High cards – 0 points. Suit is of no importance. By comparing the Player’s and Banker’s amount of points, only the right figure of the amount is considered. For example, you have 8 and 9. Your total amount is 17, but only number 7 is considered. Thus, the total amount of points varies from 0 to 9, and excess is impossible.

The situation in baccarat when the player or the croupier have 8 or 9 points right after the first dealing, is called natural 8 or natural 9. Natural 9 is can’t be beaten. Natural 8 can be beaten by Natural 9 only. If one of players has Natural 8 or Natural 9, the game stops and results are counted.

Otherwise, the game baccarat is going on as follows. 

Player is first to test their fate.

Sum of the first two cards



Hit and pass on to Banker


Stand and pass on to Banker


Now it’s Banker’s turn.

Sum of the first two cards

If Player in baccarat didn’t take the third card, Banker always takes the third card, if their total sum is less than or equals 5.

Banker HITS if Player’s  third card is:

STANDS if Player’s third card is:


Regardless of what  Player’s third card is, Banker hits















Whichever  Player’s third card is, Banker stands



Now the points are counted to determine a winner in baccarat.

Compare points

Payout Coefficients


8 to 1 (bet $1 – got $9), other bets are returned to players

Player has more points

1 to 1 (bet $1 – got $2), other bets lose

Banker has more points

95 to 100 (bet $100 – got $195, 5% goes to the house), other bets lose


Instructions Baccarat

  1. Live BaccaratTo start playing in baccarat, choose a chip by clicking on it at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  2. In baccarat you can bet on three fields: Banker, Player, or Tie. To make a bet, just click on any of these fields. You can make a bet on Player and Tie or Banker and Tie at the same time, but you can’t bet on Banker and Player at the same time.
  3. If you want to change your bet, click on the Remove Bets button. Or you can click on your chips holding down spacebar to remove your bets one by one.
  4. Once you are pleased with your bets, click on Deal button. The croupier will start the game baccarat.
  5. The history of rounds is shown in the table on the right of the screen. The left column shows Player’s total, the right column shows Banker’s total, and the middle column shows ties. The latest result of baccarat is marked by a triangle. Simultaneously, you can see no more than 5 lines. Total amounts of the winner in a certain round are painted white. Total line shows the total amount of all previous rounds (not only of the last 5 rounds).
  6. After the round of baccarathas ended, you can click on Repeat Bets button if you want to make the same bets.