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3D Slot Games in Online Casino from Rival Gaming

People have played 3d slot games for a long time now. There are also some popular software provides that have created 3D slot games for quite a while, such as Microgamin, Playtech and Cryptologic. However, on the long run, none of them have managed to remain consistent with the genre. There were 6 new slot games in the 3D format released by Rival Gaming in the last 2 months. There is a specific category of 3D slots that is dedicated totally to this type of games.

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An introductory clip is used in all the 3D slot games at online casinos. This clip is used to tell the story of the theme, like in the case of the Rival Gaming i-slots. If we take a look at Dr. Magoo, the tale of his adventure is described in the initial clip. It will show you how Cheri runs away from home and gets captured by the dog catchers.

3D Slot Games in Online Casino from Rival Gaming

There are some material differences between the normal online slot games and the graphics of the reel display in the Rival gaming 3D. A part of the scene depicted in 3D is used to describe both the foreground and the background. The integration of the reels into the scene was done properly. The reels look like a window display of a store in Crazy Jewelry. The reels are set into the cottage in the game. The objects displayed in the scenery contain the operating buttons. The rocks in the temple garden are used to represent these operating buttons in Shangri-La. Some shopping bags are used to represent these buttons in Crazy Jewelry. It is in the menu card were the betting information is displayed in the game French Cuisine.

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The new 3D slots include the fantastic Rival Gaming animations which are present in the normal slots games. However, the animations in the 3D slots don`t stop here. The front garden of Bart McMurphy`s cottage is also a place where is plays football. There are two goals achieved with the help of these foreground animations. One of the characters will applaud the most important victories.