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The first gambling site in the history of online gambling was launched 10 years ago. It was a legendary pioneer that paved the path for hundreds of other gambling websites available today on the web. According to gambling statistics published by the Australian government in 2001, the online gambling industry featured slightly less than 5 million online gamblers that spent more than 11 bln. dollars at online casinos.

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What is the difference (if any) between online casino sites and land-based casinos? What is the pleasure in gambling at home all alone instead of visiting a noisy and festive offline casino?

Gambling online and casinos online

Unlike standard offline gambling, gambling games feature a number of obvious differences. First and foremost, little – if any – communication between the players and the dealer. In fact, there is no dealer at all: all gambling machines are running on special software. According to gamblers who played at both offline and online casinos, poker and blackjack on online gambling sites deliver a faster and smoother user experience due to the lack of small talk that slows down the process.

Gambling online and casinos online

Online gambling sites offer a wide selection of all imaginable casino games. For example, you can play comic-themed gambling machines or opt for to more traditional slots. Most gambling games feature top-notch graphics and immersive sounds, just like real-life slots. With just one click, gamblers can read detailed game descriptions and take a look at the payouts table.

Furthermore, some online gambling sites provide sports betting services which is another exciting online gambling type. On multiple betting websites, users can bet on various sports events by picking different outcomes. The range of available sports events is truly impressive – from political events to reality shows, and more. The odds offered on online gambling sites tend to be higher than at the ones at land-based Las Vegas bookmakers. This is explained by lower operational costs to manage an online betting website.

Many online gambling sites are using flash Java games launched right in your Internet browser. Moreover, players can download casino software to their personal computer or gamble online via a special application.

To play on some online gambling sites, you need to download their software to your computer. Players can enjoy playing for free from a special account with several thousands of dollars. Of course, you cannot make money on free online gambling games. But demo mode is an ideal choice to test various gambling systems, though.

Gambling online legality

Online gambling is a part of a so-called ‘grey zone.’ Although online gambling is illegal in most US states, holding online gamblers liable is pretty tough because they are gambling from their homes. By registering with online gambling sites you accept all their terms and conditions.

To identify whether online gambling is legalized in your country is your sole responsibility. Furthermore, you must reach the gambling age approved for gambling in your country or region. Only then you won’t have any problem gambling for your pleasure. There is another pitfall, though. If online gambling is banned by law in your place of residence, the authorities may seize your winnings.

As gamblers are rarely brought to justice, they get involved in illegal activities knowing that they won’t be penalized. But there is another gambling problem, though. If a foreign casino cheats you with your winnings and online gambling is banned in your country, you’ll find it hard to sue the rogue website.

Gambling tips

Gambling tips

  • Below we have listed concise and clear gambling tips that will help you avoid frequent and stupid casino gambling mistakes.
  • When registering with online gambling sites, submit accurate and relevant personal information.
  • Before taking a bonus of the first deposit, make sure to read wagering requirements you need to meet to clear your bonus! Do not take the bonus is its wager is more than 40.
  • Before making a deposit to your selected online gambling sites, go to online chat and ask the casino is they can offer you any special bonuses.
  • Before exploring new gambling websites, take a look at their rankings and read reviews.
  • If you have problems and casino is stretching the time addressing them, go to online chat and warn the casino that you will file a complaint with its supervising gaming commission. You will find a link in the footer of online gambling sites.